Rapidly Arrest Outbreaks of Invasive Microorganisms


MicroBug has the unique ability to DRY and SOOTHE affected areas.  Drying out problematic conditions & minor scrapes is crucial in minimising infection and the spread of pathogenic outbreak.  


Coconut and essential Clove Bud oils linger to nourish and prevent over-drying.  Both these oils are well known for their strong wound healing abilities (antibacterial, anti fungal, anti yeast & anti inflammatory).


Coconut oil has been shown to stimulate greater collagen matrix and accelerate re-epithelialisation (new tissue).   Clove Bud oil is well known for its numbing action, giving relief where pain or discomfort present (it is also is a natural insect repellant!)


Rainscald, Greasy Heel, Ringworm & other similar skin conditions

Spray entire area well and  leave to self-dry.    Continue daily treatment whilst affected area is ‘active’ and for at least a few days after noticeable improvement.  If condition re-flares, begin treatment again



Pick out ‘stinky’ hooves daily and spray.  Remove horse from wet and/or muddy environments and repeat treatment until thrush (& smell) has resolved.  


Seedy Toe

Once resected (opened up by a professional) MicroBug is excellent for no-fuss, daily maintenance