Happy Horse Australia is based in the beautiful Bega Valley on the far south coast of NSW.  Environments and landscapes in this region vary from lush pastures (sometimes too lush), beach, dry forests, rainforest, parched and open plains of the Monaro, high country wilderness and snowfields all within a couple of hours radius!  This is our main service area and provides very diverse ecosystems, diets and environments in which to observe the myriad of influences on equine health, providing invaluable experiences for learning.




Our product range was literally born from the needs of two practitioners working in the field.  Both of us having a deep understanding of the health problems (big and small) horse owners face and how to treat, restore and most importantly prevent them.  The products we formulated became tools we relied upon over and again, which complimented our professional services.


In the early days, only our direct clients had access to these formulations but they were so popular and so effective that a new direction in Happy Horse Australia emerged.  Fast forward several years, while we still provide selective service in the field, our product range has certainly become more than a full time venture!  We not only sell direct to the public, we also wholesale and are on store shelves all over Australia.  Our products are now loved, recommended and relied upon by many other practitioners around the country.

Nathan is a fully qualified Equine Podiotherapist, specialising in barefoot rehabilitation of lameness issues (particularly laminitis) and serious hoof pathologies.  He has been practicing in a formal capacity since 2013, after studying at the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy but initially learnt to trim and shoe horses while working on cattle stations in the Northern Territory nearly 30 years ago.  

Nadine has been practicing as a qualified Equine Naturopath since 2014, helping clients across Australia, NZ and parts of Europe with nutritional advice, herbal medicine and holistic management programs for a wide range of health issues.  Always in pursuit of a happy horse, no matter the age, breed or discipline.

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