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Here at Happy Horse Australia, we are committed to providing our customers with the finest quality equine products available. Each Happy Horse Australia product is created by qualified equine practitioners in the fields of podiotherapy, naturopathy, nutritional science and herbalism. Formulated without the use of harsh chemicals, fillers, or unnecessary ingredients, these products were quite literally born from the needs of two practitioners for no-nonsense, top quality and effectiveness.

Our products were created to help owners treat, restore and most importantly prevent health problems in our equine friends. In the early days only direct clients had access to these formulations, but they were so popular and so effective that we decided to expand and give everyone access to these incredible products. Now on store shelves all over Australia and relied upon by many practitioners around the country. Happy Horse Australia is a trusted and loved brand known for its quality and effectiveness.


Founded by the wonderful couple Nathan and Nadine, Happy Horse Australia is now run by Lily Bunton-King, a qualified and passionate Equine Podiotherapist based in the Perth Hills of WA. As a previous stockist of HHA products for her business, Lily can confidently say that from use on her own and client’s horses alike every product has proven invaluable, and more importantly EFFECTIVE!


Once you have found a quality product for your horse’s health and happiness where you can visibly see the improvement, you never want to change!! 

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