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Equine diets are typically very high in iron, with studies linking iron overload with insulin resistance (IR) and metabolic issues (like laminitis), arthritis, joint probems and fatigue.  


Our low-iron Magnesium Oxide Powder is specifically soucred to ensure a very low iron content (% based on Certificate Of Analysis is stated on each bag)

Did you know magnesium is...

  • anti inflammatory
  • great for calming a histamine response (allergies)
  • an electrolyte
  • required for numerous (over 300!) biochemical reactions in the body
  • calms the nerves
  • needed to relax muscles
  • can improve insulin sensitivity (and a lack of is associated with insulin resistance)
  • is a common cause of behavioural issues when deficient- oh soooo much more!Why do


we take great efforts to source the lowest Fe (iron) magnesium we can find? Pure and simply because of the strong links between iron overload and insulin resistance (IR). Our domestic horses are already exposed to huge amounts of iron in their diets, just from the pastures, hays and feeds we give them.


In the several years we have been doing pasture and feed analysis for horses (tested in a lab), we have not come across a single case that wasn't high in iron! We have however seen the rise of IR horses, in all types of environments, from coastal to dry plains.


As part of our holistic approach to equine management, we offer the lowest iron % in magnesium that we've been able to find on the market.

Magnesium Oxide

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