"Equivalent to x5 standard buckets"


Fortify Maintain is fed to maintain healthy, biological function

Developed by qualified equine practitioners - Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist & Podiotherapist


Fortify Maintain is a premium quality general supplement, providing your horse with the nutrients we know are the most commonly deficient (particularly copper, zinc & amino acids!) in horses' diets.  


Fortify Maintain provides nutrients for healthy, biological function and necessary for:

  • excellent hoof quality (and growth rates)
  • vibrant coats (avoid dull, faded, slow growth)
  • healthy skin (resilience, repair, glowing health)
  • wound healing (promotes rapid, thorough repair & minimal scarring)
  • strong, supportive connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage etc.)
  • immune strength (minimise infections, allergies, viral and pathogenic insults)
  • physical performance & stamina
  • metabolic balance (supporting IR, EMS, laminitic types)


BULK buckets are only recommended for 4 or more average sized (500kg) horses 


The reason for this, is we advise the product to be used within 6 months from opening to ensure integrity and effectiveness of amino acids.


Please note, BULK buckets are sent standard post, NOT express


Fortify BULK Bucket