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 Fortify Maintain is fed to maintain healthy, biological function

Developed by qualified equine practitioners - Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist & Podiotherapist


Fortify Maintain is a great general/base supplement, providing your horse with the nutrients we know are the most commonly deficient (particularly copper, zinc & amino acids!) in horses' diets.  


Fortify Maintain provides nutrients for healthy, biological function and necessary for:

  • excellent hoof quality (and growth rates)
  • vibrant coats (avoid dull, faded, slow growth)
  • healthy skin (resilience, repair, glowing health)
  • wound healing (promotes rapid, thorough repair & minimal scarring)
  • strong, supportive connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage etc.)
  • immune strength (minimise infections, allergies, viral and pathogenic insults)
  • physical performance & stamina
  • metabolic balance (supporting IR, EMS, laminitic types)
  • more


No Iron due to the link between iron overload and insulin resistance in horses.


Typically lasts 5 months (500kg horse) 




~ Fortify Formulation Explained ~

A bit of background on Fortify... formulated based on hundreds of pastures, hay, and diet analysis from around Australia, determining what horses were consistently missing out on.

These missing elements, particularly copper and zinc (even when they were contained in many common supplements) were in such low amounts OR were not partnered together (necessary for absorption and utilisation of each other) that was causing so many common and avoidable health issues. This is also backed by research world wide (such as the National Research Council) and echoed by practitioners facing these health issues on a regular basis.

  • We also became quite aware that many supplements on the market appear comprehensive when you look at their ingredient list and seem to include everything under the sun but often fell quite short in reality. Many had a stack of things that were either not necessary, in such small amounts, or were a total gimmick. We realised a product like Fortify was needed as a nuts and bolts base supplement that can be added to when and where necessary. The label states clearly what ingredients are in Fortify and that it is a base supplement. We do not advertise it as a ’complete’ one (There is actually no such thing as a ‘complete’ supplement in reality, needs/requirements are never one size fits all). While this type of supplement will not suit everyone, we have found it very popular for owners that want more control over their horse’s diets, whilst still having a sound foundation to build on (if necessary).

To give a bit more insight on why certain ingredients were not added, see some examples below:

Magnesium - commonly required but it is not only a mineral where amounts can vary massively for an individual horse, but many owners will not buy a product if it has magnesium oxide/chloride in it. They want to choose their preferred magnesium form and have control over amounts and when to give.

Calcium - again, it is not required in supplemental form for everyone as not all horses are on high oxalate grasses and Lucerne can very easily provide much of the daily intake (not to mention other sources naturally found in the diet).

Salt - dosage varies between horses i.e. if in work (sweating). Salt can also easily be added direct into food (preferable) or can be supplied ad lib. Salt also added unnecessary weight and is cheap and easily obtained.

Selenium - a deficiency can have similar symptoms to an overload and many owners could be caught unawares. Not all areas are selenium deficient, therefore including selenium could cause toxicity in some of our consumers. Unlike most nutritional deficiencies, a blood test can reveal a deficiency or not.

Most other things are provided for from pastures (especially vitamins) hay and other common feeds. Unless a horse has a particular health issue and needs targeted nutrients, in which case of course an addition may be required (sometimes only temporarily). Unlike many feed companies that throw a token amount in so it can go on their ingredients list (or in some cases an excess) we opted to not waste people’s money for ingredients that were required for a small number of horses/situation and may cause overload in others.

There are very thorough and researched reasons Fortify contains what it does and doesn’t.

- If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you - 


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