Fortify Maintain

As an equine naturopath (nutritionist & herbalist) I have, over time, come to see where the most common shortfalls in mineral/nutritional supplementation tend to exist and why.  


I have observed typical health issues stemming across wide ranging diets (hays/pastures/premixed feeds etc.) even with the inclusion of many popular supplement brands!  Therefore it was a no brainer to develop a supplement with this in mind.  Which is why we called our supplement Fortify.


Fortify can be fed alongside most current feed routines.  When such deficiencies and shortfalls are indeed fortified, the difference in your horse can be quite astounding!  


The base option, Fortify Maintain can be enough to resolve many issues due to such nutritional shortfalls.  Where a more targeted approach is required (or more significant problems exist) other options in the range are chosen.  


Fortify Maintain is fed to maintain healthy, biological function

Providing nutrients for healthy, biological function commonly deficient in equine diets, often resulting in:

  • poor hoof quality (and growth rates)
  • poor coat (faded, dull, growth etc)
  • skin problems (conditions, resilience, repair)
  • slow healing wounds
  • problems with connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage etc.)
  • higher infection risks
  • immune weakness
  • reduced physical performance
  • more


Typically lasts 5 months (500kg horse) 





Fortify Maintain


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