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A partnership years in the making...​
Happy Horse Australia is a dynamic husband and wife team. Our passion for horses, education and working together blends with our ever-present drive to not only 'make a difference' but to empower owners and inspire transformation.


Along with equine-specific studies, our combined years of experience has formed a unique and rescourceful partnership, suffused with humour, intuition and honest professionalism.



Nadine Marshall 

Equine Nutritionist, Herbalist and Naturopath


Crazy about horses from her earliest

memories, Nadine grew up riding around the

hills of Melbourne and moved to the Bega

Valley with her husband and son in 2004.


With an impressively high standard of work, she was the first student in Australia to become qualified as an Equine Naturopath through the National College of Traditional Medicine, in Melbourne. It was here the foundations of an equine practitioner were laid in the following areas: 


To deepen her knowledge and satisfy a thirst for learning, Nadine continues to study various aspects equine health (such as orthomolecular & nutritional medicine) and is likely to do so until she has all the answers...which she hopes is never!    


Education (prevention) and rehabilitation is not only central to her labor of love; but where she attests, the expansive benefits of holistic mamagement truly shine.

Nathan Marshall 

Equine Podiatrist


                                 From working and shoeing horses on a large                                  cattle property in the NT, to the serene                                          appreciation of a quiet trail ride, Nathan's                                      passion for horses equally matches his wife's                                  (lucky!) 


Nathan's journey to becoming an Equine Podiotherapist essentially began after purchasing a young Clydesdale with 'typical Clydie feet'. Knowing there had to be other solutions out there for horses with "problem feet" he became interested in the distinctly different approach of barefoot trimming


His thirst for knowledge grew, particularly in regards to achieving soundness in difficult cases,  eventually leading him to study with the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy, in Victoria.  


He found himself not only passionately immersed in a very specialist field, but with a realisation there was a deep need for these skills within the equine community.


Rehabilitation (and of course prevention) is at the heart of what Nathan does and his passion for finding successful outcomes where many others give up is not only remarkable, but a huge assest to the region. 


Bega Valley

Far South Coast NSW

Cooma - Monaro

Snowy Mountains


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